When five-year-old Harper Ryan asked to invite more friends than usual to her sixth birthday party, her mother Melissa Ryan proposed an idea that the whole family got behind. Harper’s toy box was in desperate need of a purge, so Melissa suggested that rather than ask for more toys from her friends Harper could ask for something that would help other people instead.
“It came down to needs verses wants,” Melissa says.
So, Harper agreed and the family collected canned goods and monetary donations for the Community Kitchen.
On March 29, Harper and her three-year-old sister Mackenzie Ryan delivered the donations they collected to the volunteers at the kitchen. The girls were excited to be part of something that would make other people so happy. In fact, Mackenzie plans to bring in donations after her next birthday party, as well.
With generous spirits like the ones these two young donors and their mother possess, our community and the patrons we serve at the Community Kitchen are in good hands.​