Angie Runion spends several hours each month recruiting hair stylists to provide free haircuts to Community Kitchen patrons on the third Monday of every month during the lunch hour. It’s a ministry she believes is hugely helpful in giving those whom they serve a boost of confidence that will help them get achieve greater things in life.
“My hope, through this program, is to help people feel better about themselves,” she says. “You know how you feel after you get your hair cut; you feel better, more confident.”
Her desire is that these good feelings will help to renew the spirits of those who grace these stylists’ chairs, giving them the boost they need to apply for a job or to feel better prepared for a job interview.
“A lot (of the people we serve) are older. Some have fallen on hard times or lost their jobs. Some have medical problems and can’t work. The younger ones may be working, but just have trouble making ends meet,” Angie says. “They’re trying their best, but it’s just not enough for them.”
Each month, Angie and the other volunteer stylists perform about 15 to 20 haircuts. In March, they did 25. A recent donation made it possible for the Community Kitchen to purchase a washbasin. This has been a nice addition that the stylists appreciate.
For those seeking to help, the most immediate need the ministry has is for more stylists to volunteer their time and for Paducah’s community of believers to continue to pray. Contact or find more information on the Haircuts Through Christ Facebook page,